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20 Years Later : Fundraiser 2017

On August 5, The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) joined forces with Two Friends’ Cauldron to host the first ever fundraising event that would enable us to tackle bigger problems of our society. For a bit of background, The Harry Potter Alliance is a global non – profit organization that works for social welfare, gender equality, and eradicating other social vices.

The fundraiser was a huge event for us as we started with zero and hoped to raise a minimum amount that would accelerate us. We brainstormed to find a venue and that’s where Two Friends Cauldron (TFC) came into our plans. TFC is a cafe, themed along the lines of the wizarding world in JP nagar, Bangalore. They liked our ideas and allowed us to host the fundraiser in their cafe.

One of the magical walls at Two Friends’ Cauldron.

People started filing in to witness and participate in the event as we started the proceedings by 5 PM. The first activity of the day was Bertie Bott’s Buzzer Bowl, which was a multi level written quiz competition and it drew maximum participation from the crowd. We had some really enthusiastic participants and after the first round, we selected 4 teams for the final round, where they could pick out a field of their choice from the Harry Potter universe and questions were asked based on that. After an entertaining half hour final round, the winners were announced and handmade gifts were presented to the winners.

The winners of the quiz, getting almost all the answers spot on.

We also had Wizards and Witches Quality Supplies that were stalls that sold everything ranging from dreamcatchers to pencil wands and HP inspired posters. All the items were handmade by the members of the HPA and boy, they were amazing!

Digital posters at the magic stalls.
Harry Potter house – coloured earrings at our stall.

There was also a tattoo corner in the cafe, where you could get temporary Harry Potter themed tattoos of your choice and it was a major crowd puller.

The next main stage event was Sonorous, the Open Mic. Our guest performer of the event was Aishwarya Suresh, a prominent figure in The Stage, Season 2. She enthralled the audience with her magical voice, along with her friend, who put up a blockbuster beatboxing performance. After her performance, many people came up and we had a mixture of performances, ranging from slam poetry to acoustic musicals. The performances went on for well over an hour as we concluded with Varshit’s spell-bounding performance.

Aishwarya performing at 20 Years Later.

The Open Mic concluded what was a great start to our efforts to bring artists and Harry Potter fanatics under the same roof and raising donations to accelerate the process of helping those in need and constructing a healthy atmosphere of giving back to the society. We aim to continue our initiatives with future campaigns of gender equality in the pipeline.

The first round of the quiz underway.
Enthusiastic participants from the event who were game for a picture!

We would also like to take time out to thanks all those who graced the event with their presence and provided us with the much needed impetus. We hope that you will continue to do so and shower us with all the love. Until next time!



Accio Books 2017

Accio Books ’17 was the second edition of Accio Books, an initiative to collect used / unused books, spanning all genres, by The Harry Potter Alliance. Last year , we get ourselves a realistic target of around 200 books and surpassed that with 600 books being collected. This year, we wanted to keep up with last year’s numbers and we did achieve that. This year’s count stands at 630+ books and 25 educational magazines! A big shout out to everybody who contributed to the cause, you are the ones who keep us motivated! Special mention to the residents of RNS Shanti Nivas, members of the Kiara silver chorale and the techies at GeekyAnts for their active contributions.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-06 at 13.47.56
The majority of this year’s collections

All the books have been sent to the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust who will distribute it to those not as privileged as the majority of us. The books were collected over a span of 3 months, from April to June, at different places such as residential apartments, offices, colleges and public spaces. A big thank you to Ratna Nidhi Trust for helping us in the pickup and distribution.

We will definitely keep up with Accio Books in the coming years and will be spreading our activities and contributions in the coming months. We have been pretty low for a while, but it’s only going to get better! Stay tuned!

Helping the world become a better  place, one book at a time!


Accio Books 2016

Our first ever campaign, Accio Books, was a raging success! Our goal was to collect about 250 books, but we blew past that goal and managed to collect and donate over 600! The collected educational books and textbooks were donated to the Youth Development Program, and the other fiction/non-fiction books were donated to the People’s Free Library. The campaign ran from April 2016 through June 2016, and collections took place in community spaces (apartments, colleges, and the Kiara Music Academy).