The Bangalore chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, which uses fans to bring about social change. Open to all, established in January 2016 as an official chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance.
Our goal is to improve society at large, and to inspire those who are otherwise complacent into believing that they can make a difference. We lead by example to show what a small group of dedicated individuals can do, and we are by no means exclusionary! We welcome anyone who is committed to bringing about social change, and we neither discriminate nor tolerate discrimination on any basis. So join us, Potterhead or otherwise, and be an activist for a better world 🙂

About Meetings

When: Typically either the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the month, at 10:30am!

Where: Cubbon Park, Bangalore

What you’ll need: Interest!

Meetings do not happen every month, but they do happen every month when enough members are available and willing to attend! The day is also flexible, and depends on when the most members will be available!

Community Guidelines

We have a few guidelines in order to keep our community friendly, comfortable and positive. This is also known as the Positive Fandom campaign.

  1. Be kind.
  2. Do not judge/tease/hurt other members, neither for being passionate fans nor for not being fans.
  3. Welcome everyone who wants to join our community openly and enthusiastically.
  4. Know that everyone is a unique individual, and everyone is prone to mistakes and misunderstandings.
  5. Respect and celebrate diversity in the community. Whether it is in terms of age, gender, sexuality or anything else, this is a safe space for everyone who wants to inspire change in the world.
  6. Learn. Be open to new ideas,information and experiences. If mistakes are made, remember that apologies are healthy and not shameful.
  7. Teach. Share your knowledge when you are able, with understanding and kindness.
  8. Give others the opportunity to grow. People are not defined by what they said or did in the past.
  9. Reach out for help when you need it.
  10. Don’t forget to be awesome.

Final notes

Thanks again for joining us! We want to encourage this to be a real community, so you can interact with us and the other members on our Facebook page as well. If you are not yet on the WhatsApp group 24 hours after filling the form, please send us your phone number once again so that we can add you 🙂

Send us an email at hpa.blr@gmail.com if you have any queries!

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