What is the Harry Potter Alliance?

The Harry Potter Alliance is a US-based global 501(c)(3) non-profit that turns fans into heroes. It seeks to make social activism accessible through the power of story. There are presently chapters of the Harry Potter Alliance in 30 countries around the world. The organization works for causes across the board, including equality, human rights, and literacy.

What is HPA Bangalore?

HPA Bangalore is the local chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. Established in December 2015, we conducted a successful book drive for the Accio Books campaign, and managed to donate over 600 books to a local library as well as the Youth Development Program. We are a growing community of Bangalore youth seeking to improve our own society on a smaller scale by raising awareness about issues and taking actions to make our city a better and safer place for everyone.

Our goal is to improve society at large, and to inspire those who are otherwise complacent into believing that they can make a difference. We lead by example to show what a small group of dedicated individuals can do, and we are by no means exclusionary! We welcome anyone who is committed to bringing about social change, and we neither discriminate nor tolerate discrimination on any basis. So join us, Potterhead or otherwise, and be an activist for a better world 🙂

Some Harry Potter Alliance Campaigns*

The Harry Potter Alliance conducts global campaigns throughout the year and chapters around the world participate. Some of these campaigns are:

Accio Books

Accio Books is an annual book drive and arguably one of the HPA’s most popular campaigns. Chapters around the world collaborate and collect books locally. These books are either donated locally or to shipped to an official recipient which is selected. In 2016, chapters around the world collected and donated over 100,000 books to charity.

Fandom Forward

The Harry Potter Alliance also has toolkits available for free, which enforce the idea of using stories to make activism accessible. These Fandom Forward toolkits use themes and ideas present in popular books, movies, and TV shows, and use them to describe issues in the real world today. The toolkits are available at thehpalliance.org/fandomforward and cover isses ranging from immigration to gender identity to climate change.

Wizard Rock The Vote

This campaign was timed around the recent US election. The election was used as the basis to educate people about global politics and, for citizens of the US, to encourage them to participate and vote. There was a toolkit released alongside this campaign that outlined how democracies function around the world and was a tool for people to better understand their own democracies and how they can participate.

Apart from these, the chapters of the HPA individually also conduct local campaigns ranging from small fundraisers to large-scale projects such as building schools and libraries in their communities. HPA campaigns are the core of what the HPA is about.


*Please note that HPA Bangalore is NOT the Harry Potter Alliance itself, it is a chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance.